Normally I’m a lot more interested in national politics than local politics, but lately the race for Colorado governor, at least on the republican side, has been pretty darned entertaining!

So let’s see. First it looked like Scott McInnis ¬†and Josh Penry were going to fight it out for the republican nomination, but Penry was pressured to withdraw from the race. Little-known candidate Dan Maes stayed in, but nobody expected him to give McInnis much competition, especially after the Post reported on campaign finance violations which eventually resulted in him paying a $17,500 fine. So far, pretty much a yawner, with all the excitement waiting for the general election against John Hickenlooper.

But wait! It comes to light that McInnis was paid $300,000 for a series of essays that he plagiarized from a water expert who’s now a Colorado Supreme Court Justice. McInnis responds by blaming a staffer who wrote the essays for him, never mind that he put his name on them and issued a statement that they were his original work. According to him, this is “taking responsibility for the error”. Suddenly his campaign is imploding…and then it starts getting interesting.

Now Tom Tancredo says that unless both McInnis and Mays pledge by 2pm Monday to get out of the race if the winner is trailing Hickenlooper by the polls after the primary (a virtual certainty), he’ll be getting into the race as the Constitution Party nominee. The overall outcome should be the same – Hickenlooper vs McInnis, Hickenlooper vs Maes, or Hickenlooper vs Tancredo vs (McInnis or Maes) should all lead to Gov. Hick….but boy, would that be entertaining!