Tigris & Euphrates, usually referred to as T&E, is generally considered one of Knizia’s best games; I place it right up there with Modern Art. Lately I can’t seem to get enough of it – I’ve been playing it online pretty consistently for the last few months. T&E is an area-control, set-collection game with a fair amount of conflict and a lot of tactics; the box says 3-4 players (although I believe the new edition says 2-4 instead) but lately I’ve mostly been playing two player games. Currently I’m on my 7th 2-player game against my favorite opponent, a woman I’ve never even met outside of the Tigris & Euphrates games on BGG!

A few days ago, I ran across a post on BoardGameGeek asking for advice on how to play the online version, and I ended up deciding to write a short introduction. ┬áThat ended up turning into a set of three articles introducing things I felt needed to be addressed. Beginners often have trouble understanding how conflict works in T&E (and of course there’s the “collect-a-set” scoring common to many Knizia games), so I started out by rewriting the T&E rules. Next I wrote up the requested guide to playing T&E online; ┬áthat one is fairly short as there really isn’t all that much to it. I finished by writing up some basic T&E strategy tips, mostly stuff that’s likely to get you in trouble your first few games if you’re not prepared for it. Not that I’m an expert, by any means…even playing mostly one-on-one, I’m still losing half my games!

So…anybody wanna play?