Over the last decade, I’ve occasionally thought about trying to make some money on the Internet (I know, me and two billion other people!), but I never had any success at it and lost interest fairly quickly. Since I have a little bit of free time now, due to being (STILL) unemployed, I decided to give it one more chance. I have a Google Adsense account still sitting around but not doing much; for example, in July it got 192 page impressions and no clicks. Pretty impressive, huh?

Of late, I’ve been doing a bit of reading and figuring out what I did wrong before. I’ve decided to take one of my old sites, which has no pagerank but has several pages indexed with Google, and see what I can do with it. (I also have a few other experiments going on, but I won’t mention them for now) The site I’ll be focusing on is Twenties Retirement; I put it together about four years ago but haven’t done anything with it since, and it still have no pagerank. I had some pretty decent information there – actually, a friend whose sister is a financial advisor told me she was sending some of her clients there for information – but the site was pretty ugly, didn’t get updated often, and didn’t have enough backlinks. I didn’t know about the nofollow tag and ended up getting a lot of backlinks from Yahoo! Answers that didn’t really do much good!

This time, I’m doing it a little more¬†systematically. I’ve switched the site over to WordPress, which makes it a lot easier to update. I have a list of retirement-related terms that people actually search for, and I’ll be attempting to put up an article relating to one of those terms every day for the next month. ¬†I don’t want to end up in the Google Sandbox, so I’ll be careful with my linking strategy, but I’m hoping to start ranking for my keywords within three months.

I get distracted easily, so this time I’m setting a goal for myself: $1000/month in adsense income within one year. I started working on this right after Brit and I got back from the honeymoon, so I’m setting actually my deadline at just under a year: July 31, 2011. Possible? I don’t know…but I’ll give it a shot.

For the month of August, I got 4 clicks across all of my sites (plus two of a public service ad that doesn’t pay anything) for a total of $4.89 in adsense earnings, which is considerably more than I make online most months, so we’ll see how it goes! Three of those clicks were for about a buck and a half apiece, while the other two were 23 cent clicks on one of my fun hubpages articles (Why dogs make you healthy). I’ve been really ticked off about Amazon no longer allowing Colorado affiliates, but I do have a workaround now on my book review site; I don’t get all of the affiliate revenue, but I’d rather have most of some revenue than all of no revenue! The service I’m trying out is called viglink; they have some twelve thousand affiliates, and when you link to any of those affiliates without using your own affiliate code (sheesh, did I use the word affiliate enough times in this sentence? Thought so) a little javascript code adds their code to it, after which you split the earnings when someone buys something. Was going to test it out Sunday when I ordered from Thinkgeek, but I forgot to click the links until after I’d already ordered :p. Will see if any money comes in from that, once traffic picks up. My book review site is already PR2 and should be updated fairly frequently with all the books O’Reilly has been sending me, so hopefully I can get traffic up a bit on that.

Ok, that was a bit of a longish post. Comments?