News Corp, which owns Fox News and the Wall Street Journal, recently made a $1 million donation to the Republican Governors Association.

I’ll let that sink in for a second. The owner of Fox News, which republicans see as “fair and balanced” and everyone else who pays attention sees as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Republican party, is actively putting a large amount of money into attempting to elect Republicans.

While it’s not unusual for media countries to support candidates, the donations are generally small and support both parties. For example, in the past year General Electric (which owns NBC) has given $245,000 to the Democratic governors and $205,000 to the Republican governors, while Disney (which owns ABC) donated $20,000 to Republican committees and $11,000 to Democratic committees. News Corp is the only one to give on such a scale. This isn’t the first large donation they’ve made, of course; Murdoch (the owner of News Corp) has previously made a $1 million donation to the California Republican Party.

My point? None really…I hold on to a futile hope that if the obvious bias at Fox and News Corp is pointed out often enough, people who still give them any credibility as a news organization might eventually stop doing so. However, I’m not counting on it.