It’s been a slow month for internet marketing, but it’s still time for my monthly report about how things are going!

With just a few hours left in September, my adsense earnings for the month stand at $1.92. Slightly depressing, but then, since I started this experiment on Aug 12th, I wasn’t expecting much in the way of results until mid-October in the earliest. Thus far I’ve made around $6 from my hub on why the government should forgive student loan debt, which is also my most popular hub with 170 facebook likes.

In other earnings, I’ll be getting about $30 for writing on bright hub; this month I wrote about scheduling courses to support a PhD research project, citing and numbering sources in a dissertation, and getting a degree to teach math. I don’t count the $30 towards my internet marketing income because it’s a one-time payment, but I do count the $4 or so in residual income I’ll get from my bright hub articles; my top article is closing in on 300 views for the month, and the second place article isn’t far behind with 250.

A few weeks ago, my main site got sandboxed; this is annoying, particularly since I was being careful, but not all that surprising since I was quickly moving up the rankings for financial keywords, so I expect I trigged an automatic Google sandboxing. Here’s hoping it’ll be brief and the site will come back out near the top of the search results; I’ll be continuing my link building efforts towards that end.

I’ve also sold one discounted copy of my Amazon ebook, for $27; in October I’ll be doing some link building to it. There’s also an affiliate program, so people can resell the book and keep ten bucks per copy. Hoping to earn a decent return off of it, since I put in a lot of great information. If you’re reading this and looking for a discount, use coupon code TKA for $10 off.

Ten months left before my self-imposed deadline to make $1000/month from internet marketing; that’s a big jump up from this month’s $33! Here’s hoping that next month’s numbers show a definite upward trend..