I’ve always said that if the government actually wanted to stop illegal immigration, the solution is obvious: simply impose hefty fines on any company that hires an illegal immigrant. We all know they come here for work: if we make it painful enough to hire them, the jobs will dry up, followed shortly by the immigration. Of course, I never expected that to actually happen; whatever they say about immigration, politicians aren’t going to do anything to tick off big business.

Then I read that not only are deportations of illegal immigrants up significantly since Obama took office, but there have been more penalties levied on businesses that hire illegal immigrants since January of last year than during the entire eight years prior to that. Rather than raiding companies and scattering the people working there (who will be quickly replaced), companies are being audited and fined. Additionally, it has been announced that all states will be required to use Secure Communities to identify illegal aliens who have been arrested for whatever reason.

It’s not an issue I base my vote on – there are a ton of more important things to worry about – but it’s still nice to see someone in office who’s actually doing something about illegal immigration rather than just using it to get votes. If only we could have more of that..